Virtual reality is becoming reality

Come and visit the Engagis stand for a demonstration of the power of VR - virtual reality. Experience it and see how this technology will add value to the lifestyle and experience of residents, carers and families.

It is fun, immersive and entertaining but you will also get an insight into how VR is being used in residential aged care environment to not only promote wellbeing and stimulation for residents and carers but how the new platform will create new ways to engage residents and families.

Virtual Reality stimulates wellbeing, promotes conversation by allowing people working, visiting and living in residential aged care to immerse themselves in new and exciting experiences allowing them the freedom and opportunity to travel to new destinations and to experience new adventures without leaving the comfort of their armchair, They can share these experiences with other residents and carers. They may also enjoy the experience of nostalgia if they have experienced some of these locations/activities previously.

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