Rabia Khan

Head, Commissioned Research & Engagement The George Institute for Global Health

Patient Experience Day Two: Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

12:30 PM The Art and Science of Measuring What Matters to Patients from a Global Perspective

Putting people at the centre of health systems has gained momentum across the globe. At the core of people-centred care is our ability to systematically collect data on what matters most to patients.

Some health systems have started the journey of measuring what matters to patients. Hear how a number of countries and health systems have approached this.

Learn about the key lessons that are critical for getting started in measuring what matters to patients:
  • Take a problem-driven approach— The best practices emerged as responses to specific problems and this is often why they succeeded
  • Have a clearly defined purpose for measurement — Needs to be agreed upon by all stakeholders & how the information will be used
  • Focus on outcomes and experiences that matter to patients by asking and involving them — Patients have been involved throughout the development process in only 7% of PROMs development

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Rabia.

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