Jeffrey Woods

National Patient Experience Manager Healthscope Operations Pty Ltd

Patient Experience Day One: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

12:00 PM Lessons Learned in Healthscope’s Early Adoption of a Real-Time Dashboard to Drive Quality Improvement at the Ward Level

In January 2018, Healthscope implemented the Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS) survey tool across their 43 hospitals nationwide. The program has been hugely successful and they received over 107,000 completed responses from patients to date. Hear lessons learned in the early adoption of the AHPEQS at the ward level to drive continuous improvement in patient experience, including how to:

  • Prepare for a national roll out through staff and patient consultation and by conducting a roadshow of education workshops at each hospital
  • Customise interactive dashboards to allow nurse managers to view real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback from patients and make proactive changes to improve patient experience
  • Ensure clear and open communication at all levels from the ground up to the Executive and Board to ensure the successful roll out of AHPEQS across your network

Patient Experience Day Two: Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

2:00 PM INTERACTIVE SESSION: Panel Discussion: Developing a Strong Partnership with Patient Advocates and Consumer Consultants throughout the Patient Experience Process

When it comes to revolutionising medicine and technology, patient and clinical engagement is an increasingly important aspect of successful clinical trials. In order to improve health outcomes, organisations must amplify their focus on the patient experience and aim to incorporate the consumer voice.

Hear from patient advocates and consumer consultations about:
  • Their role and expectations to help you form meaningful partnerships
  • The importance of greater collaboration throughout the patient experience process
  • What a good partnership might look like, with strong relationship building at its core
  • What technologies can support self-care and foster greater engagement between the healthcare professional and the patient

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jeffrey.

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