Dr Thomas Wenkart

CEO Macquarie Health Corporation

Tom is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Macquarie Health Corporation Limited (MHC) and Chair of Pen CS Pty Ltd. Dr Thomas R. Wenkart graduated at the University of Sydney in 1968 as a Medical Practitioner. He entered General Practice and developed a multi-practice medical group. From that beginning, he initiated activities in the health sector resulting in Macquarie Health Corporation Limited. Since 1978, MHC has grown into Australia’s third largest private hospital group with 11 hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne. Other significant roles have been in the AMA, PHA and hospital politics, computers in medicine, medical biotechnology and related investments. In 1976, he established the Health Care Research Institute and the Wenkart Foundation which supports the Arts and Health Sciences. In 2007, the Wenkart Foundation established the Wenkart Chair of the Endothelium at Sydney University and the Centenary Institute. Tom is a board member of CareMonitor, Ocean Health Systems and City of Sydney Eisteddfod amongst other companies. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health.

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