Dr Patrick Aouad

Co-Founder and Managing Director Loxley Health Pty Ltd

GPs and Primary Healthcare Day Two: Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

11:00 AM Moving Away from the Bulk-Billing Culture: Be at the Front Line of Preventive Evidence- Based Medicine to Achieve Long-Term Patient Outcomes

Over 80% of GP consultations bulk billed nationally. Along with the increased cost of business, a relatively frozen Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) and consumer confusion fuelled through the wellness industry and the internet, many GPs hands are tied and must practice volume medicine to survive.

Ultimately, prevention is better and cheaper than a cure, but patients experience “bandaid medicine” in an environment where GPs are rewarded for seeing more patients in less time.

So how do we move away from this bulk billing culture?

Patrick will get us asking the right questions:
  • Is it possible to educate the public so that paying a private gap for good medical care is valued as much as vitamins and gym memberships? Is it possible to draw money out of areas in the economy other than the government to incentivise primary care business models that take a holistic approach?
  • Beyond a gap based model, is a subscription based medical practice more appealing?
  • If bulk billing is unavoidable, what is the best way to structure for a high yield both financially and to improve the overall health outcomes of patients?

2:00 PM Panel Discussion: Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Understanding the Forces that are Shaping the Delivery of Primary Care

The interplay between technology evolution, social media and the wellness industry is evolving the priorities, needs and expectations of the modern healthcare consumer. This panel will explore the major healthcare consumer forces impacting the future and delivery of primary care, including:

  • Consumerism and patient activism, where consumers have more choice and are more engaged, informed and demanding about what they want based on self-research
  • Fragmentation of trust between healthcare consumers and practitioners and the friction point where consumers feel like they know more than you do!
  • Disruption of consumer services with patients seeking different modalities for healthcare delivery

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Patrick.

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