Carmen Rechbauer

Chief Executive HealthShare NSW

Women In Leadership: Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

10:30 AM Banishing the Imposter: Transitioning from Peer to Leader

Join Chief Executive, Carmen Rechbauer as she shares the lessons she has learned on her journey to becoming the head of HealthShare NSW – provider of services to NSW public hospitals and Australia’s largest shared services organisation.

Learn how to:
  • Adapt and redefine your leadership style throughout your career
  • Build trust and combat resistance in a complex and changing landscape
  • Get out of the weeds and leap into vision-led leadership
  • Banish imposter syndrome to become the leader you are meant to be

2:00 PM INTERACTIVE SESSION - Panel Discussion: Say Goodbye to Rigid Hierarchical Patriarchies! Building a Culture that Supports the Next Generation of Female Leaders

Healthcare at its core remains rigid, hierarchical and male-dominated, which drastically needs to change if it is to support the next generation of female leaders. Greater opportunity, respect, diversity are key elements for improving workplace culture.

This panel will discuss each in turn and the important role female leaders play to drive this shift:
  • Opportunity: How can you promote greater opportunity in the workplace?
  • Respect: Everyone is deserving of respect, no matter their age or level of experience
  • Diversity: Greater diversity in age, culture and gender is important for varied opinions and a richer team and culture

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Carmen.

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