Speaker Spotlight: Jac Mathieson Chief Nursing Officer, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


"I am excited to be a part of Australia Health Care week as this is a fantastic opportunity to form new networks, learn from others and share some of the exciting innovations from Nursing at Peter Mac"

Victoria became the 1st state in Australia to legalise Voluntary Assisted Dying, or euthanasia. From 2019, terminally ill patients will have the right to request a lethal drug to end their lives if they meet set criteria.

At the Nurses and Clinicans Free to attend event at Australian Healthcare Week 2019, Jac Mathieson, Chief Nursing Officer, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, will explore: 

  • How this will impact the way nurses practice, including the extent of involvement and managing expectations of the nurse
  • The importance of caring and assessment of all factors that contribute to a person’s request for euthanasia
  • Ethical issues around quality and delivery of care that nurses will need to confront